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Our Recommended Book of the Month

The Secrets of Living and Loving with Diabetes: Three Experts Answer Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

When individuals are diagnosed with diabetes, their lives and the lives of those closest to them change dramatically. Every aspect of life is affected—eating, socializing, sexual relationships, even their financial status. In order to maintain a healthy emotional and loving bond, it is important that everyone--friends, relatives and spouses alike--take an honest look at diabetes: what it is, the upheaval that it may create and the closeness that it can inspire. This book discusses, with humor and openness, the most intimate issues that individuals need to know about diabetes.

The Guide to Living and Loving with Diabetes answers this need. It offers medical information, clear guidance, easily understood research data, skill building exercises, soul-searching questionnaires, and personal anecdotes. The light-hearted format provides an abundance of valuable tips and advice. It is a friendly, non-technical publication that will leave each reader feeling comforted and informed. Each chapter contains the combined wisdom of three diabetes experts who have over 50 years of diabetes experience between them. Each offers different ways to not only survive with diabetes, but to thrive.

CDE, L., CDE, W. H., Polonsky, C., Edelman, S. V., & Skyler, J. S. (2014)
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