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A good year for Pablo Domínguez, sportsman and patient of our clinic

Pablo Domínguez Torrens, is a 14 years old boy from León and his passion is to play Handball and he has been doing it spite the fact that he has type 1 diabetes since childhood, he is a normal boy who can combine his studies and his routine daily exercise with his handball team. He controls his diabetes very well, normally he gets his A1c under 7 and a few hypos that are extremely difficult to avoid in the hard training days, during the match he has to check his sugars several times because the stress and the exercise make it more difficult to be under control and with the best performance.

2011 Pablo's Team Achivements:

1º León Championship
1º Castilla y León Championship
2º National Mini King´s Cup
3º Spanish Handball Champioship.
1º Salou Cup (European Cadet Handball Cup)
We in clinidiabet are very proud of him and his achievements and we wish for him the very best in his studies and in the handball that is the sport he loves.

This year Pablo will be the recipient of the CLINIDIABET GOLD MEDAL for being a testimony showing us that when you want NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
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