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Inhaled Insulin Approved by FDA and in Europe

Well it looks like the treatment of diabetes is about to change drastically.

The apparent approval of inhaled insulin is here and doctors will be prescribing it more freely. You can bet that this will quickly become the treatment of choice for Type 1s and many Type 2s, will receive this much earlier in their diabetes treatment plan. This will mandate that diabetes educators, doctors, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists deliver diabetes education and management to every patient.

This presents an opportunity for better treatment and prevention of the complications from diabetes. But, let’s not forget, just as it can help in the treatment of diabetes, it can also bring huge problems for the uneducated patients.

Patients will need to understand indiscriminate use of this can cause severe hypoglycemia and they cannot use it to eat anything and everything by just taking an extra puff.

Diabetes education will now have to be mandatory. Before anyone is prescribed the new inhaled insulin they will need to learn how insulin itself works and the severe side effects of overuse.

Lifestyle changes and education will remain the keystone to successful diabetes care and the use of inhaled insulin without lifestyle changes will become the patient’s worse enemy.
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