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Aconcagua 2000 - International Diabetic Expedition

A team of diabetic climbers will try to suceed in the ascendt to the top of the Aconcagua 6959 metres (22834 feet). With the name Idea 2000 (International Diabetic Expedition Aconcagua 2000), will bring the attention to the general public and to raise money for diabetic investigation projets that will lead to improve the life of the people living with diabetes.

Thanks to the dedicated work of scientist doctors and diabetic educators while there is no cure for diabetes yet it is now possible to push back the barriers traditionally associated with the disease.

All the team members, men and women are members of the International Diabetic Sport Association they are between 24 and 51 years old and mostly come from the United States and one member from Barcelona (Spain) maybe more international members will join the team.

The economic goal of the project is to raise 2.1 million US dollars to improve the lives of these people affected with diabetes. Several diabetic associations has been invited to help to bring this project to become a reality.

There is a lack of studies of how is the performance of the glucose meters, insulin pump etc.. under these extreme conditions.

An important manufacter of insulin pumps is very interested in knowing how their products work in high altitude and will sponsor the team of diabetic climbers.

If you want to get more information or you would like to sponsor the project
you can visit the IDEA 2000 website

Contact in Spain:
Ernest Bladé Castellel 34 - 93 3475 826 / 93 401 7070

Idea 2000 Project Coordinator:
Tood Clare: (757) 366 5148.
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