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Aspartame Safety

Recently some of my patients asked me if the can use Aspartame as a sweetener because they are worried for the accusations against Aspartame appeared on the Internet.

All the accusations are false and there is not any scientific study to back it.
Aspartame was discovered 35 years ago and since then all the leading scientific organizations have all stated that the use of Aspartame is safe.

Aspartame only should be avoided by the people affected with phenylketonuria a rare metabolic disease diagnosed at birth.
Aspartame is made up of two amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.
Our body handles Aspartame the same way it treats other foods such banana, milk, etc.
When the Aspartame is heated if does not produce harmful chemicals only results in a loss of sweeteness.

All this fuss without scientific evidence is possible because in the Internet anyone can publish what they want and sometime false or misleading accusations. It is necessary to check out the reliability of the website you are visiting.

We think that will be necessary to regulate specially the sites with consumers health information.

R.M Antuña de Alaiz
Clínica Diabetológica
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