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Getting Support Test

How much do your family and friends help you take care of your diabetes?
Are they like the Waltons or more like the Simpsons?
Here’s a quick way to tell how much the people in your life help you.
For each question below, check T if the statement is true or F if it is false. T F
1. When I have family dinners or dine with friends, we all eat healthy foods.
2. When I feel sad or discouraged about having diabetes, I can talk with my family or friends about it.
3. A friend or family member has gone to a diabetes education class with me.
4. A friend or family member has come to a doctor’s appointment with me.
5. My family or friends know how feel about having diabetes.
6. My family or friends know how treat my diabetes.
7. My family or friends never nag me about my diabetes.
8. When I take care of my diabetes well, my family or friends praise me.
9. My family or friends understand how hard it is for me to have diabetes.
10. I exercise with a friend or family member.

Give yourself one point for every T.

If you scored 9 to 10, you are lucky for having so much support.

If you scored 7 to 8, your family or friends are pretty helpful, but could use some hints from you on what help you need with diabetes care.

If you scored 6 or less, it may be hard for you take care of your diabetes without more help. Try to meet as a family with your diabetes-care team so that everyone knows your needs. Or seek out other sources of support among friends, counselors, other relatives, your office or church, or from other social groups.
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