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7 Ways to drive your friends with diabetes crazy

1.  Frequently lecture them on how to manage diabetes properly
Example: Should you be eating that?

2. Dismiss any negative emotions as mere signs of sugar changes?
Example: You seem upset. Maybe you should check your blood sugars.

3. General consideration. Find ways to treat your friends as if he or she was fragile of stupid.
Example: While out to dinner, at a restaurant, announce that your friend has diabetes and she must eat now. In other words, treating your friend as if he or she is a child without asking for their desires.

4. Blame your friend for all high or low blood sugar readings.
Example: During review of a blood sugar test, you say, what did you do this time?

5. Undercut all attempts to effective self management by being a helpful saboteur.
Example: Bake a pie. Tell your friend you deserve some time off your regimen. Have a piece of pie.

6. Offer meaningless encouragement. Less than helpful.
Example: I know exactly how you feel.
Example: It’s going to be better soon.
Example: You're not that bad as compared to…

7. Dismiss any concern your friend may have.
Example: It could be worse you could have cancer.
Example: Diabetes is not that difficult. All that is necessary is to take insulin.
Dr. Antuña de Alaiz
Madrid, PSAD Spring ’98 Meeting
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