Jay Handy: The one to follow

JDRF National Head Coach Jay Handy has coached participants in the Ride to Cure Diabetes for the past three years. He has developed training programs for riders from Team Madison, a.k.a., Blood, Sweat, Tears & Gears, ranging from a 13-year old insulin dependent rider to (formally) sedentary non-riders in their sixties. He has seen the growth of his team from 8 riders initially to over 30 last year, and he is expecting more than 50 this year.

A diabetic for 28 years, Jay understands the additional challenges of managing the condition on top of a full athletic training program. He took part in a 19-member International Diabetic Expedition to Aconcagua, Argentina, which placed 7 diabetics atop the tallest mountain outside the Himalayan Range in 2000. In addition, Jay is a marathon runner and a Certified US Cycling Coach. He is participating in the Wisconsin Ironman Competition in September 2003. He has used an insulin pump for 6 years to manage his diabetes.

Jay is founder and head coach for the online e-coaching service called This site was created to provide a forum for individuals with diabetes to exchange advice, provide encouragement, create a sense of community and offer on-line coaching while pursuing athletic endeavors. The site is open to all folks, with or without diabetes, interested in on-line coaching for a specific athletic goal. He has created a special page on this site for the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes events. Riders are provided with a password to access this page once officially registered for the event.

When not coaching or training, Jay is a vice president and financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in Madison, WI. He is married to Kim a native of the Netherlands and an accomplished marathon runner herself, and is a proud father of two daughters, 8 and 9 years old.
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