10 tips heart-healthy habits for kids and their parents


Exercise and maintain a healthy weight.
Watch less TV and get moving, walking, biking, playing soccer, syimming, skating, hiking, and a well-balanced diet will keep you healthy.

2. Don´t smoke.
This one habit affects your current and future health more than any other single thing. Smoking is bad for your heart, bad for your lungs and bad for your breath. And it´s hard to quit.

3. Prevent high blood pressure.
Exercise, weight maintenance, moderate sodium intake and adequate calcium intake are all related to preventing high blood pressure. Smoking raises blood pressure...don´t start.

4. Choose a variety of foods and keep your fat intake in check.
Especially saturated fat. If you do, the amount of cholesterol you eat will also be in line. And enjoy all foods in moderation.

5. Eat breakfast
It gets your mind and body fueled for the day.

6. Choose lower fat, high quality protein
Like skim or 1 % milk, eggs (especially egg whites), lean meat, fish, chicken, and legumes.

7. Eat lots of whole grains
For fiber and energy.

8. 5-A-Day for good health…
Fruits and vegetables that is. You can include fruits and vegetables in every meal and snack. Have fruit on your cereal, a vegetable omelet, and a baked potato with brocolli.

9. Watch the excess sugars and salt.
Go esay on salty snacks they are usually high in fat, too. Serve frutis for desserts and snacks.

10.  Know your family health history.
Kids only need tohave their cholesterol checked if high cholesterol or heart disease runs in the family.
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